Estate Disputes

Claims against, or by an estate, and disputes in the course of administering an estate, can happen.  Proper estate planning can help prevent this. Proper Administration of an Estate can limit the impact of any such claim. However, when a claim arises, the executor or administrator is required to determine the validity of any such claim and pay, defend, or otherwise resolve it in the best interests of the lawful beneficiaries.

We help executors and administrators, trustees and those appointed as Powers of Attorney to defend such claims and properly fulfill their duties.

We help ensure that beneficiaries receive their lawful entitlement.

We help third party claimants and creditors obtain their lawful entitlement.

Common areas of dispute include the following:

  • Spousal Claims and Entitlements
  • Beneficiary claims
  • Executor’s Accounts, Defending and Challenging
  • Claims Against the Estate by creditors or third parties
  • Contesting Wills – Validity, Improper Influence, Lack of Capacity, Unclear Terms
  • Fraud Against and Abuse of Seniors